E Line Overview

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What is the METRO E Line?

The METRO E Line is a planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line that will provide faster and more reliable transit service in the Route 6 corridor along University Avenue/4th Street, Hennepin Avenue, and France Avenue from the University of Minnesota to Southdale. 

Transit signal priority

To keep moving, BRT buses “ask” traffic signals for early or extended green lights.

Bus lanes

Bus lanes provide faster, more reliable BRT service by travelling in a dedicated lane unaffected by other traffic.

Curb extensions for speed and space

Where BRT buses run in general traffic, stations are built on curb bumpouts to improve ride quality and reduced delayed caused by merging back into general traffic.

Curb extensions also improve pedestrian safety by reducing crossing distance and increasing the visibility of pedestrians waiting to cross the street.

BRT will substantially replace local bus service as the primary service in the corridor.

  • High frequency service
  • All day service (including nights and weekends)
  • Stations spaced every 1/3 to 1/2 mile

Pay before boarding for faster stops

  • For speedier boarding through all doors, BRT buses don’t have on-board fareboxes.
  • Customers will purchase a ticket or tap a Go-To Card at the station, just like light rail.
  • Metro Transit Police officers check fare payment

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