BRT Station Elements

Pylon markers help riders identify stations from a distance.

NexTrip signs provide bus information, and on-demand annunciators speak this information for people with low vision.

Shelters provide weather protection and feature push-button, on-demand heaters and shelter lighting. Shelter sizes will vary based on customer demand (small shown here).

Ticket machines and fare card validators collect all payment before customers board the bus.

Emergency call buttons provide a direct connection to Metro Transit police. Stations also feature security cameras.

Stations feature trash and recycling containers.

Platform edges are marked with a cast-iron textured warning strip to keep passengers safely away from the curb while the bus approaches. Many stations also feature raised curbs for easier boarding.

Platform areas are distinguished by a dark gray concrete pattern.

Some stations have pedestrian-scale light fixtures to provide a safe, well-lit environment. Fixtures will match existing lights in the surrounding area.

Benches or seat walls at stations provide a place to sit.

Stations have bike parking. (not shown)

At this time, Metro Transit is looking to inform and update the public and future station neighbors about our ongoing plans for design. The input we receive from station neighbors and users is one important piece of the overall plan for station elements and locations. These design plans are not final and may change as more information becomes available. This is a typical station example. Exact design at specific locations to be determined.

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